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Monday, May 22, 2006

Graduation and Promotion

Chloe with her teacher, Ms. Cook

Paige and Chloe had their awards ceremony at school today. Chloe graduated from Kindergarten and Paige was promoted to the 4th grade. Chloe is pictured above with her teacher, and Paige is holding her "Most Creative Artist" award. They each received several awards and they are very proud of themselves. They both worked hard all year long and I know they are looking forward to the summer break.

Paige with her

I remember the last day(s) of school when I was a kid, the anticipation of summer making me feel as if I would burst, my heart pounding as I received my final report card. It wasn't grades I was concerned about, as I was always a fairly good student; I was worried about the teacher I would be stuck with for the duration of the next school year. Since I attended a smallish elementary school, I pretty much knew every teacher, the nice ones and the shrews. Getting stuck with a shrew for the next year could just about ruin your whole summer (well, maybe just for the first day or so). After that came the endless hot sunny days of riding bikes, climbing trees, getting sticky from eating melting ice cream (purchased from the "ice cream man" in his truck with the clanging bell that could be heard for miles), scraped knees and countless games of hide-and-go-seek in the dark with all the neighborhood kids. We had so much fun back then. We actually went outside to play and we used our imaginations. Most of the people in my neighborhood didn't own computers, and cartoons were a Saturday morning treat. We didn't have the luxury of Cartoon Network 24/7 and there was no such thing as the X Box. Kids nowadays are so...imagination-challenged, I guess. My kids are constantly whining about wanting to be entertained and complaining that "there's nothing to do". That is why I am making a pledge to myself to limit the number of hours my children spend on the computer and watching T.V. this summer. I'm going to try and make them play outside on every nice day we have, or go to the park or go swimming. Any physical activity or activities in which they need to use their imaginations are preferable to playing computer games or watching movies. I sincerely believe this is why many of our young people are overweight today; it's easier to lie on the couch and watch cartoons or to play on the computer than it is to get involved in game of kickball or to build a treehouse. When entertainment is practically spoon fed to a child, their imaginations lie dormant so long they forget how to use them. It's really sad.
It is my hope that someday my kids will look back on their childhoods with the same fondness and bittersweet twinge of nostalgia that I have.
I'm going to do my best to help get them there.


Blogger Reverberate58 said...

I agree with you. So many kids have no idea what to do with themselves when sent outside. I hated being cooped up even on rainy days we were out playing in it! My son would get mad when I limited his time on the TV or playing games but always had fun once outside. Now his idea of a fun date is to pack a picnic basket and go to the park. So I think he got the point!

6:53 PM  
Blogger Tami said...

Your kids are growing up so fast! I know they will have fond memories when they are older. You are a great mommy.

8:38 AM  

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