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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wordless Wednesday



Blogger Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

oh my! that is funny!! where did you get that photo?

my ww is up too

12:55 AM  
Blogger Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

oh - I see the name where you got it - sorry

12:56 AM  
Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

That was a funny one!
My WW is up too.

2:11 AM  
Blogger Wystful1 said...

roflmao!! That's so good!!!

My Wordless Wednesday is posted.

5:09 AM  
Blogger Chaotic Mom said...

Oh, my oh my. What ever possesed someone to create that in the first place? ;)

My WW is up, too!

5:50 AM  
Blogger Melli said...

ROFL!!! Well... that says it all! I need one of those for MY neighbor! LOL!

6:18 AM  
Blogger Pat said...

Oh I love it!!!!

6:22 AM  
Blogger Viamarie said...

Hahaha! This is cute.

My WW is up now.

6:46 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

LOL! that's too funny!

6:51 AM  
Blogger Reverberate58 said...

This is going around in emails! My hubby sent it to me yesterday. Makes such a luud statement!!LOL

My WW is up!

7:18 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

LOL Too funny!

BTW...I do have a blog at blogger but I update my blog at so feel free to stop by and drop me a line sometime! :)

7:34 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

LOL!!! I simply luv the man's expression, trying to figure this one out.
My WW is up too

7:38 AM  
Blogger Kelly said...

LOL! That's so funny! LOL!

8:00 AM  
Blogger Jae said...

LMBO!! Oh I love it! Happy WW to you!!

8:33 AM  
Blogger Chi said...

hehehe...what a funny sight that would be to it! *s*

8:42 AM  
Blogger Courtney said...

LMAO- that is hilarious!

8:51 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Gee, do you think the neighbor doesn't like him?!?!? That was hilarious! My WW is up.

9:34 AM  
Blogger ribbiticus said...

haha! wish they made topiaries like that here! my ww's up! ;)

10:26 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I saw that the other day! Too funny! Happy WW!

10:28 AM  
Blogger MysteriousLady said...

LOL! I have a couple neighbors, oh never mind! LOL!

Great photo!

10:42 AM  
Blogger Trish said...

Now that is funny!

1:56 PM  
Blogger Eagle Lover said...

I saw this picture and started to use it myself. Love it.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Heather/SHTEZQ said...

that more then funny I love ti could you imagine. LOL happy WW!

2:26 PM  
Blogger YellowRose said...

I love it!! Too funny!!!

Happy Wednesday!

4:15 PM  
Blogger Think Pink Dana said...

that skeers me a little!!!

10:52 PM  
Blogger eph2810 said...

Too funny...Is that your front-yard? Thanks for sharing and than you for stopping by today.

2:07 AM  
Blogger PowersTwinB said...

This is halarious!!! Great photo, made me smile! My WW is up, sorry I am late...

10:19 AM  
Blogger eph2810 said...

Heya Girl - just checking in with you and see how you are doing :) Hope all is well.

8:15 AM  
Blogger PixiePincessMom said...

That is HILARIOUS! I want it for my yard! LOL!

I missed rounds last week so I'm late in stopping by.

Have a good one. :-)

8:11 AM  
Blogger ribbiticus said...

haha! the person behind that topiary had a wicked sense of humor! my ww's up! ;)

11:40 AM  

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