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Monday, September 18, 2006

Amusing Conversation

Last week, Chloe's friend Addy came over to announce that her pet mouse had just had babies. She invited Chloe to go across the street and look at them. Addy informed Chloe that she could look at the babies, but she couldn't touch them because they weren't "winged" yet.
When they came back, Chloe was excitedly telling me all about the new babies, and before I could blink, she was asking me, "Mommy, how do the babies get out of the mommy mouse's belly?" I was caught completely off guard, wracking my brain for an answer. This was the first time Chloe has ever asked me the question before; Paige asked me the "where do babies come from" question a few years ago, which I guess is only natural since she's seen me through three of my pregnancies. I didn't go into a lot of detail with Paige, but my answer seems to have satisfied her for the time being. I suppose I should have been expecting it from Chloe sooner or later, especially after just having visited the new mouse babies, but honestly it never crossed my mind. You'd think I would be prepared for such things by now.
Anyway, before I could say anything, Addy piped in with her bitingly honest 6-year-old reply, " I know how they get out--they come out through the mommy's 'pee-pee' !"
She exclaimed this triumphantly while pointing at her own 'pee-pee'. Chloe wrinkled up her nose, turned to me, and said,
"Is that why they come out all red?"
I laughed so hard I thought I would burst.


Blogger Tami said...

That is TOO funny! You have to admit, she told the truth - blunt, but truthful and to the point :)

7:23 AM  
Blogger Kimmy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is too funny! Leave it to the older sister! (Yes... I was one ;)

9:30 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

That is original and you know what they say, "Out of the mouths of babes." LOL

2:53 PM  

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